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Welcome the Enchantment Online!

We are now in the final week of our journey, Production week. This is the week that the dancers, musicians, and set/stage designers come together for the first time. Check back Wednesday to see how it's all coming together

In the meantime, inside you will find the latest reports from artistic director Lise Houlton, Costume Designer Sonya Berlovitz, and professional dancer Nick Strafaccia. This week’s focus is the importance of costume design for The Enchantment.

In our Behind the Curtain section, you can ask the artists questions that you have along the way and try you luck at this week's Mystery photo.

Minnesota Dance Theatre will also be asking for your help in making key decisions that will affect the production. Vote Now and have your voice heard!

Educators, be sure to access our For Teachers section for lesson plans and teacher resources to help integrate this program into your classroom. There you will also find our new video on the Elements of Dance.

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